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Today, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are faced with growing complexity due to stricter regulations, new products with specific supply chain requirements and associated supply chain costs. This is further emphasised by the rapidly changing competitive dynamics of the market. Therefore, process efficiency, data integrity, continuous process and quality improvement remain essential to be able to adapt quickly and stay ahead.

Kuehne+Nagel’s team of Pharma + Healthcare supply chain experts and engineers put their industry know how towards solutions that help you design the right supply chain for your business. We do this by working collaboratively with you to meet specific needs, overcome business challenges and adapt to unique requirements of your products. The ultimate goal is to put in place a supply chain network that drives business to achieve operational excellence.

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Why KN PharmaChain

End-to-end integrated solutions

As your trusted partner, we work together with you to create proactive solutions that answer to your specific needs. With KN PharmaChain, you will benefit from standardized, efficient and reliable operations across all transport modes and warehouse operations supporting optimizing your logistic spent.

Compliance and temperature control

Meanwhile, our integrated pharma and healthcare QM system is GxP compliant. To safeguard superior performance, our pre-validated warehouse management system and transport management system is compliant with GDP and other standards as needed (i.e. ISO 13485) providing total visibility of the supply chain. Our advanced warehousing, co-packing and distribution services with designated temperature zones (+2°C to +8°C/ +15°C to +25°C / -20°C) ensure the integrity of the cold chain.

KN PharmaChain benefits
KN PharmaChain at your service

KN PharmaChain at your service

Our solutions answer to the specific requirements of each phase of your product’s LifeCycle:

Research and development
Innovative and flexible services for controlled delivery of chemicals, biological inputs and expendables - as well as clinical trials logistics

Product launch
Distribution services for field tests and high volume ramp-up services for new product and/or of new market

Market Operations
Professional, cost effective storage, production supply and distribution of pharmaceutical products in GxP compliant environments - including storage in various temperature zones and value added services

After market
Solutions for reverse logistics and complex maintenance – including testing and refurbishment of medical devices

End of product lifecycle
Destruction management services and medical device recycling, including physical product pickup and reporting

Adding Value

We combine our in-depth technical knowledge with hands-on industry experience, and we adapt a blueprint approach to develop globally scalable solutions.

KN PharmaChain at a glance and your benefits

  • Good storage and distribution practice (GSP/GDP)
  • Value added services such as relabelling, repacking, postponement and serialisation services (GMP)
  • Strategic network design and scenario analysis
  • Continuous Improvement with the Kuehne Nagel Production System (KNPS)Expert teams in legislation, regulation, licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Trained teams with a strong sense of quality and responsibility

Specialised know-how at your service

  • Proven customer transition and integration (CTI) methodology for a smooth integration of your Business
  • Total supply chain visibility
  • Full end-to-end temperature monitoring and control

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A trusted industry partner

“Our goal is to make the lives of our customers and their patients easier. We are recognised by our customers as the leader in supply chain services for the pharma and healthcare industry, spanning from pharmaceutics and biotechnology to medical devices and other healthcare products. We listen to our customers and implement tailored solutions. We think about the future, that is why we care today.”

Ramazan Dinçkan
VP Global BD Contract Logistics - Pharma + Healthcare

A trusted industry partner
KN Login and myKN 360 degree visibility

360° visibility. Active control

myKN is your central point of information that gives you access to KN Login, our track and trace system which will allow you to keep track of your products. That is how we make complexity simple.

  • Planned/actual real-time shipment status
  • Customised reports
  • Shipping advice to customers by email
  • KPI reporting
  • Storage, upload and download of POD hardcopies and temperature records
  • Active EDI interfaces with our customers

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KN PharmaChain

We offer our integrated and customisable KN PharmaChain to increase risk mitigation, decrease write-off,
and in the end, deliver a safe and positive end customer experience.

Because that is what matters the most.